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Have you ever noticed that life often places you exactly where you need to be? I had that experience over 20 years ago when a ski accident quickly became a ski “on purpose”.

You see, although I was able to get up, brush myself off and ski the rest of the way down the mountain, weeks later I began to struggle with pain and weakness in my right arm. Traditional health care, drugs and physical therapy did nothing to alleviate my symptoms, so I tried chiropractic as a “last resort.” Only 3 visits later, I was symptom free and on my way to understanding that chiropractic care not only helps people feel better, chiropractic helps them function better. Since then, providing exceptional care and educating others about the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system has been my true passion, vocation and way of life.

Dr. Abby Power has been in practice since 1995. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University and received her Doctorate degree from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Power is a member of the Maine Chiropractic Association and has advanced certification in Network Spinal Analysis. She is a practice consultant to chiropractors nationwide and a frequent speaker to local organizations. Her additional training in a wide variety of complementary healing techniques includes Matrix Repatterning, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Wave Work, Hawaiian Bodywork and Stillpoint Energy Medicine.

Dr. Power's personal care uses a unique blend of scientific and intuitive insight to access the body and facilitate physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

She resides in Falmouth, Maine with her husband, Mike, and their daughter, Anna.


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