Stress Free

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If unable to reset itself, this "fight or flight" state can become chronic and those same messages meant to help you adapt short-term to your experiences can quickly create degeneration and disease.

Chiropractic care gently eases the strain on the spine nervous system created by everyday living and can reduce the effects of old injuries and past traumas still held in the structures and tissues of the body.



I’ve had profound changes! Emotionally, I’m less affected or put off balance by what happens “outside” of me. The “little stuff” doesn’t bother me. I feel more like myself than ever before in my life.


~ Margaret

I feel so much more relaxed and at ease.  I seem focused on things with a better thought process.

~ James

There has been a tremendous improvement in my mood and over-all sense of well-being. My energy… has vastly improved; so much so that I now go out running with my dog practically every day.  I haven’t been able to do that for years.

~ Linda