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SpineMED Success Stories

Of course, when it comes to any new technology, the big question is… “Does it work?”

Here are a few stories of people who have found relief through SpineMED Therapy at Lifeworks Chiropractic Center.
Art Piteau – Portland, Maine
“My cervical spine pain has dropped from a worst possible level 10 down to a wonderful level 1. The constant radial tingling and numbness down my left arm into my thumb and forefinger has 98% dissipated, with now only an occasional instance. Each progressive treatment was better than the previous one(s). My neck and shoulders are actually stronger, as evidenced by the improved strength demonstrated in subsequent range of motion and muscle resistance testing. I also experienced sleep deprivation due to my cervical pain, which now has subsided due to SpineMed which has allowed me to get into an improved sleep pattern and REM sleep, so crucial to overall health. My persona in general has improved due to the relief I have received. I feel that the subsequent exercise, weight loss and chiropractic plan that I am beginning will eliminate any remaining minimal cervical issues. Eventually, in 2008, I hope to return to SpineMed to decompress my lower lumbar. I wish to thank the entire staff at Community Chiropractic for their professionalism, abilities and concern for me as a patient.”
Marjorie Bride – Scarborough, Maine
“I came to Dr. Woodward’s office in August 2007, at the recommendation of a friend, having experienced a herniated disc while training for the Senior Olympic tryouts. Being very athletic and active, this injury was a major shock to me, as I was also facing a busy work and travel schedule. After Dr. Woodward recommended his Spine Med table, I decided on the spot to take the chance that it would work for me. It made sense to me and I had nothing to lose except time! Dr. Woodward’s care was amazing, combined with his positive attitude; my recovery is definitely on track by using the Spine-Med Therapy, in addition to his many supportive techniques. He is truly a healer, and I value his approach, advice and support. The office staff is wonderful. Dr. Woodward’s holistic view of the spine and overall health has not only moved me to a cure of my disc but also changed my broader views of health and fitness. I recommend him for anyone.”
Peter – Portland, Maine
“I was having severe pain down my left arm through my triceps and into my forearm.  A MRI showed a large left herniated disc between C6-C7.  After consulting with a Neurosurgeon my options were few.  I was put on predezone and that took my pain away immediately.  However it was only temporary and 6 weeks later I was getting a cortisone shot.  That did not work very well and in 2 weeks I was back to where I started.  I tried predezone again with mixed results and in 3 weeks was in pain again.  I was seeing a chiropractor though this whole time and was getting no results.  I was afraid that I was going to need surgery as the pain was just becoming unbearable.
I wanted to try everything I could before surgery and a friend recommended Dr. Woodward and the decompression table.  I met with Dr. Woodward to get an overview of the procedure.  He answered all of my questions but I was a little hesitant that it would work, it sounded too simple.  I did some research on my own on the WEB and found that it had worked for many other people with the same symptoms as me.
After 2 weeks (8 treatments) I started to notice a difference in my pain.  I was sleeping through the night and stopped taking Tylenol PM.  After 3 weeks (12 treatments) I was not taking any pain medicine and my pain level had decreased significantly.  I had scheduled a vacation prior to committing to the treatments and was away for a week.  I flew to the Bahamas with no problems and even played 2 rounds of golf.  I have completed my 20 treatments and I can honestly say that I have no pain what so ever.  The Spine-Med table and Dr. Jay saved me from having surgery.
Jessica – Portland, Maine
“When I started here, my life was in shambles due to extreme pain in my back.  I had 4 bulging discs which were pinching all the nerves in my left leg.  There were days I couldn’t even get out of bed.  In fact, I needed my daughter to put my socks on for me!  I wasn’t an effective mother, an effective worker and it infringed on all aspects of my life.  After seeing many doctors who told me I needed surgery, I came here.  Dr. Woodward gave me hope that I could be healed without surgery.  Within the first few sessions, I began to notice a difference in my pain level and my range of motion.  After a few weeks, there was a drastic decrease in pain and I felt like I was gaining my life back,  I had been on pain pills for months and was finally able to go without any.  Today, as I came to the end of my treatment plan, I feel like a new person with a new outlook on life and my physical condition will get me there!”
Karen – Portland, Maine
“Although I felt great at the end of my treatment, I wanted to wait a few weeks before giving my testimonial to be sure I felt as great as I thought.  Well, it has been almost three weeks, and I feel better today then the day I finished SpineMed.  I simply can not say enough about SpineMed and its healing abilities.
I came to Community Chiropractic with a bulging disk with a herniated annulus.  I found it difficult to do simple things like putting on my socks, laundry, sleeping and standing or sitting for long periods of time.   After 20 sessions on SpineMed, I can now sleep comfortably, play with our animals, etc.  It is such a relief to do things without thinking of back pain.  I’m really looking forward to spring and summer and being able to work and play outside.
For those that are thinking about SpineMed, I would say give it a try – you are only 20 hours away from feeling great.  Thank you Dr. Jay, Anita and SpineMed – you have given me my life back!”